This post is sponsored by Jamba Juice.


Jamba Juice saved my life last year. I lost a lot of my appetite at the beginning of my separation. Everything came as quite a shock to me and the grief was so strong that I couldn't eat. I dropped almost 10 pounds in a month. Smoothies were the only thing I could stomach, and thankfully Jamba Juice has some really tasty ones.


One of the best things about smoothies is that you can pack them with a ton of fruits and vegetables and protein, and somehow when you combine it all Jamba Juice makes it taste good. My personal favorite is Mango-A-Go-Go. It's my go-to (wink). 


Having to stay energetic and strong for my kids, I was there almost every day. Sometimes I would even take the kids and treat them to one. They still to this day think it's just like ice-cream. I love it because it doesn't have any ice cream in it and, instead, a ton of fruit. 

I'm not sure if you have tried their smoothie bowls, but if you want some added banana, coconut, strawberries and crunch be sure to try their Mango Medley Bowl. YUM!! I just tried it, and I'm obsessed. 

If you want to try anything mango at Jamba Juice between now and June 6th use the special code JAMBASTYLES for $2 off your purchase. 


Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Mother's Day for a Single Mom


This post is sponsored by James Avery

This is my first Mother's Day as a single mom. Maybe off the bat it doesn't seem like it should be too different from any other Mother's Day, but I don't have a spouse that will be giving me a card or a gift or even hot coffee at the start of the day. 


So, what do I do this Mother's Day to make sure that I celebrate the most important job in my life, especially after one of the hardest years yet? Well, i got myself an extra special piece of jewelry from James Avery. 


When it comes to jewelry I like to keep things simple and special. James Avery has always meant a lot to me over the years growing up in Texas. I wrote about the gift I got myself over the holidays to remind me of peace (click here to see), and I wear it non-stop. So, what better gift for Mother's Day than a bracelet with an "L" and an "N" to remind me of my children. 


I love that it's on a cord because it's comfortable when I'm typing at work vs. a hard bangle. Elle and Levi also like seeing their letters on my arm. If you still don't know what to get for Mother's Day I would highly recommend a James Avery charm bracelet like this.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Denim Pencil Skirt & Cami


These days, one of my favorite go-to outfits is a denim pencil skirt and a cami. It's simple, femme and cool enough for hot summer nights. 


To my surprise Abercrombie had a ton of really cute camisoles. I hadn't shopped there since I was 17, but their rebranding intrigued me. I kept seeing a lot of bloggers wearing their clothes, and I thought, "Well, maybe they have changed?" Sure enough they have. 


When I walked into the store it looked like Abercrombie still, but it didn't have that strong cologne smell and pictures of half naked people everywhere. The clothes reminded me of Madewell, which just so happens to be my favorite store. And the prices were less...So, yeah, you can definitely say I'm a fan now.


The denim skirt was found at Nordstrom in the TopShop section. The shoes are Dolce Vita (last season). Love them to death though. 

All in all, a solid outfit for a night out with friends or a date. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links.

Munchery Review


Have you ever thought about meal kits? A lot of people have been trying them for the cooking experience, but I am more intrigued by the fresh, pre-made meals that would help save me time. After working a long day, and then coming home to cooking the kids dinners and getting them in bath to bed...Sometimes I don't even eat or I eat whatever is left over from their dinners...Sometimes it's barely anything. So, I tried out Munchery for a week....GAME CHANGER!


I picked out six meals for the week, and they came to my door fresh, cold and ready to heat. Some were even made by local providers, so you know you are truly getting fresh. It was brilliant!


The food tasted awesome! I tried shrimp with saffron rice, brisket with mac 'n cheese, and steak with sweet potatoes. Soooo good! Some days I took a kit to work for lunch, and other days I made it for my dinner while I cooked something more simple for my kids. 

All in all, I was really impressed with the ease of ordering, the packaging and taste. All of the packaging is recyclable, so there is less waste. Genius!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; meals were covered by Munchery

Custom Cutting Boards


Wedding season is upon us. You might have one, two or even three weddings on the books. I know I sure do. So, this year I already know what I'm getting them all - custom cutting boards. 


Words with Boards can create a variety of custom designs that are unique to the recipient. They also create wine racks, lazy suzans and pot holders. What makes these special is they are handcrafted using quality woods and are one-of-a-kind. I highly recommend! 

You can also package your gift with some yummy olives, wine and cheese.