I've never worn the color yellow before. I can't believe I can actually say that at the age of 33, but I haven't. I have always ruled it out as a color that my olive skin can never pull off, but I was way wrong. This First Monday dress pulled me in. it just looked like sunshine to me, and I had to have it. 


When I wear this linen number I feel so feminine, fun and free. It reminds me of the carefree summers as a kid, and yet I feel like a beautiful woman in this at the same time. 


I appreciate the delicate tied straps and the smocked top as a nod to childhood, but I love that the dress sits closer to the natural waist instead of empire. I also love that the length doesn't lend itself to being too young. It's past the knee, and made of quality linen. 


If you're looking for a carefree, quality summer dress, look no further than First Monday. Also, have you seen the rest of their collection?! OMG! Their jumpsuits are amazing!


Summer Linen Style


This posts is sponsored by Garnett Hill

Linen is probably my favorite fabric right now. You guys see me wear it all of the time, and I finally got linen sheets from Garnett Hill this year. It was the BEST thing I have done for my home this year. So, being a big lover of linen and a believe in Garnett Hill's linen collection, I got three new linen pieces to add to my wardrobe. 


The first piece I got was a linen button down that I could wear with shorts, jeans or even as a pool cover up. I'm in LOVE. The blue goes with everything. (They are currently sold out of it, but this piece is similar). 


I also got an a-line dress in the most beautiful terra-cotta color. I'm obsessed with this color lately, and so is the rest of the fashion world. The dress has pockets, a zipper in the back, and is so classic. It's the perfect piece to pack in your suitcase for summer adventures. You do need to wear a slip with it though. 


I also bit the bullet and got white linen pants. It's definitely a risk being a mom of littles, but they are so beautiful and quality! Be sure to wear a thong with these pants though. ;)

Check out the rest of their linen collection, click here.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer



A cotton t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts has been my pajamas for almost my whole life. I've never really cared or invested a lot into what I wear to bed. The primary focus has been comfort so that I can enjoy my sleep not about beauty or style.


Now that I am feeling more beautiful and sexy as the days goes by, I find myself wanting to wear beautiful things even while I sleep. With the summer weather now here, the silk jams that I have by Natori are a bit too hot for me to sleep in, so I decided to try some of their cotton styles instead. Natori makes the most beautiful sleepwear that makes any woman feel like a million dollars. And, oh my gosh, I think I may just like these THE BEST! 


I ordered the Shangri-La set and the shorts are cotton and comfortable, and the lace makes them sexy. The back on the tank is cut lower than normal, and I feel like it really highlights my back more. 


I also feel like I can wear these in front of my kids and people and not feel self-conscious about them being overtly sexy. It's the perfect balance of comfort and beauty in a pajama set. If you're looking to spruce up your sleepwear collection, I highly recommend these. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; Product given for this post.

Denim Pencil Skirt & Cami


These days, one of my favorite go-to outfits is a denim pencil skirt and a cami. It's simple, femme and cool enough for hot summer nights. 


To my surprise Abercrombie had a ton of really cute camisoles. I hadn't shopped there since I was 17, but their rebranding intrigued me. I kept seeing a lot of bloggers wearing their clothes, and I thought, "Well, maybe they have changed?" Sure enough they have. 


When I walked into the store it looked like Abercrombie still, but it didn't have that strong cologne smell and pictures of half naked people everywhere. The clothes reminded me of Madewell, which just so happens to be my favorite store. And the prices were less...So, yeah, you can definitely say I'm a fan now.


The denim skirt was found at Nordstrom in the TopShop section. The shoes are Dolce Vita (last season). Love them to death though. 

All in all, a solid outfit for a night out with friends or a date. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links.