AVE Styles got a makeover! You like? This must be what Reese Witherspoon felt like when she got bangs because daaaang this feels good! I feel like I look like a hot, grown woman thanks to Alyssa Yuhas and the GO LIVE crew.

So why the change?! Well, first and foremost I wanted YOU, yes you, feel like you were coming to my house for a cup of coffee and we could bond over the beauty in life. My old site was very much focused on my portfolio and less of a space to connect with you. It was more high fashion and I wanted this to feel like Madewell - modern and yet comfortable - because that is truly my style.

I want to spend my days sharing what I am finding beautiful in life and helping you share it too. I will still be sharing Pinterest marketing tips for business owners and how to style content because I LOVE helping others share beauty too. I'm just not going to be styling as much for others anymore. 

It's funny how God sometimes takes away passions and puts new ones on your heart. I always dreamed of being a stylist, I became one and now I'm sort of letting that go. There's some sadness attached to the release, but there's excitement in me too because now that I'm focused on AVE Styles more of a blog, I know good conversations with YOU and new opportunities are in store.

I can't wait to share more of my life with you, and I hope you with me. Look around the site. You'l find a collaborations section sharing some fun sponsored posts, as well as my very own SHOP! If you want to stay in touch and get regular updates me, please make sure to add your email to the list!