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30 & Thriving Challenge

In exactly two months and one day I will be kissing my 20's good-bye and embracing my 30's. I'm am really excited about this new season of my life. My 20's have been great in many ways, but it was definitely a decade of figuring myself out. I went from single to m


Pin Pin Pinning away...


  • strappy back
  • bandana and t-shirt
  • That hat!
  • hat
  • Sundried Tomato Pole
  • gorgeous card for Mo

Services Offered

AVE Styles exists to cultivate brand awareness through artful communication. By styling, art directing and marketing, Alex Evjen helps businesses connect with their customers through original content creation that is pin worthy.

Please feel free to contact Alexandra via email or phone (480-220-7768) with any questions that you may have about the services that you see listed. In the meantime, subscribe to the blog for daily style advice and fashion inspiration.