Styling Bookshelves


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Bookcases aren’t just bookcases anymore. Long gone are the days where you simply line up your books and throw in a couple picture frames for good measure. No, bookcases have been elevated to Instagrammable status with their own coined hashtag: #shelfie. At the same time, they do provide a lot of storage. They have almost become a necessary evil.


I have quite a lot of books and home accessories that are special to me, and I have been looking for a modern bookshelf to display them on. I found the perfect shelves on They were quickly shipped to my house and easily assembled. I originally was going to put them in my family room, but since Elle’s old room was turned into a guest room I saw an opportunity to finish the space with these shelves.


It turned out beautifully! You can check out Home Depot’s blog to see the full post about how I styled it and all of the decor items that helped me up my shelfie game.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer.



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The first online purchase that I ever witnessed was my mom using with a dial-up connection to buy a handbag. It marked the dawn of online shopping for me, and the powerhouse retail site still remains a trusted online resource to find anything and everything I want and need, especially when it comes to unique items. So when I began my hunt for velvet shoes, I went to eBay to find what I was looking for.  


80% of what is sold on eBay is brand new, and I knew I would find every style and color on eBay. Sure enough I was right. I have become obsessed with the color of merlot for fall, and all I had to was search "red velvet shoes" and the heels of my dreams popped up. Move over Dorothy! Those ruby shoes have nothing on these velvet mary-janes from Barneys New York.


They are totally impractical and a very trendy item, but they are one of those splurges that you just have to do because you love a pair of shoes THAT much. There's just something about this color for me that makes me want to have a wine colored piece of clothing in every shape. I'm not sure if I'll stop at these shoes, but I can guarantee you I'll probably go back to eBay to find a coat, a hat and a dress too. 


If you're thinking about buying these shoes too, I would recommend going up a whole size. They run pretty small. You can purchase the shoes in a blink of an eye using their "buy it now" feature. Plus, most items have free shipping. I got my shoes to my doorstep in 72 hours. So, if you're hunting for something to wear while brunchin' this Sunday, be sure to shop now!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer



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I mentioned earlier this year that one of my home project goals was to makeover a bathroom, and I’m happy to tell you that I have completed that goal. And not only did I complete my first bathroom renovation to date, but it has turned out just like I wanted it to thanks to amazing products from Home Depot and some helping hands like my contractor and my father-in-law.


When I saw this picture of a kitchen on Pinterest my eyes got huge, and I knew this was the direction I wanted to go for my bathroom. I had always written off shiplap and wainscot as being too farmhouse for me, but when it’s juxtaposed with modern finishes and installed vertically it looks anything but traditional. It looked really intimidating to try to install until I did a bit more research and learned that The Home Depot carries easy to install shiplap online and in-store.


So, in conjunction with revealing my new bathroom you can head over to Home Depot's Blog to get a full step-by-step tutorial on how to apply shiplap to any wall in your home.


I wanted this bathroom to feel like it was a luxurious hotel bathroom for my guests. I kept the colors similar to what you would find in the guest room and family room. Though I’m a huge fan of patterned tiles, I kept everything soft, modern and simple. I can’t wait to shower in this bathroom even though it’s my guest bathroom. Haha! I guess that just means it’s time to re-do my master bathroom and turn it into a woman’s sanctuary.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer


american standard-042.JPG

This post is sponsored by American Standard.

You don’t often think about how important your kitchen faucet is to your daily routine, but it is probably one of the most used things in my home and in yours. I use my faucet so many times throughout the day without thinking about it: washing my hands after a diaper change, filling a pot for pasta, washing Levi’s hands after eating spaghetti, watering my plants, cleaning my dishes. The list goes on and on. The reality is I couldn’t do life very well without my kitchen faucet. I’ve partnered with American Standard to share with you how their Beale Pull-down Touchless Faucet has been a game changer in our home. The touchless technology and the high arch design has really made me appreciate a good faucet.

american standard-048.JPG

When we moved into this house I didn’t love the kitchen sink or faucet. It was an old one from 1993, but it worked, so I didn’t think to change it. In my mind it was a low priority compared to the other updates I wanted to do. When American Standard gave me the opportunity to install their Beale touchless faucet design I was so happy. I chose a chrome finish to coordinate with the appliances in our kitchen, and installed it immediately after it arrived.

american standard-029.JPG

Since installing it, I have noticed the water pressure is much better with this faucet and the high arch makes it easy to get large pans underneath the water. The real game changer, is the touchless technology. Most of us have only experienced touchless faucet technology in a public restroom, but now American Standard is bringing it into the home, and I’m so glad. When I have a big pot of boiling water I no longer have to do a juggling act to turn the cool water on without burning myself. I simply wave my hands in front of the sensor and it turns on. When I’m hoisting my two year old up to wash his hands I don’t have to juggle him either. He just reaches gives a motion in front of the faucet and the water turns on. It’s fabulous! I can’t recommend it enough.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Design Sponge Home Tour


I have been reading Design Sponge for ten years now. It's a blog that I have loved following for inspiration, and it feels like a dream come true to have my home featured on it today.

Grace Bonney is a genius beyond compare. I've gotten to hear her speak at Alt Summit, and she is really a pioneer of my industry that I really look up to. 


If you have followed my blog you probably are familiar with the spaces, but Rennai Hoefer photographed my home especially for this feature. So, you'll see the rooms styled a bit differently and shot a bit differently too. I hope you go and read the feature, and be sure to check back next week with my bathroom reveal! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE