The Future is Stigma Free


One day in the not too distant future I hope mental health is treated like we treat physical health. I hope I see people meditating like they are exercising. I hope I see people going to check ups with a psychiatrist or counselor like they do their primary care doctors. I hope we admire someone’s peaceful state of mind and emotional maturity like we do their bodies and fitness routines. I hope we digest educational podcasts and books like we eat healthy foods. I hope we refuse garbage for our minds like we do with foods that make us feel gross. I hope we hold each other accountable to our mental health goals as effectively as our fitbits and pedometers.

Ultimately, I hope we regard mental health as important as our physical health, and end the stigma that surrounds it. The only way to do that is to talk about it. Start by wearing a shirt like this one. 100% of the sales of this shirt go to Bring Change to Mind. And for every post that uses #thefutureisstigmafree on Twitter or Instagram $5 will be donated to Bring Change to Mind.

Because, you see, taking care of your mental health not only impacts you, but those around you. ✨🌻 You can get your shirt at Saks Fifth Avenue or Off Fifth. 

New Glasses from Eyeconic


It has been almost a year since I started working at a marketing agency. I can't believe it! It has been a big growth experience and brought about change in many ways (all of that for another post), but one things is for sure...My eyes have changed. 


Granted, my eyesight could have also changed because I grew another year older, but as of now, I need glasses to see both near AND far. Whoa! I have only needed glasses for reading up until this point. We happen to have a client, Eyeconic, that sells prescription frames. So, I used my trusty eye insurance to get an exam, and ordered these RAD Chloe frames.


I love it when a pair of frames made a statement. I guess you could say I am at a point in my life when I'm ready to look through rose colored glasses. =) These frames were easy to order. I tried them on virtually! It was a new and fast experience for sure. 


These babies are not only helping me see clearer, but they are also helping me see life in a more positive way (or at least trying to). Check out more of their styles on their site. They have a TON to choose from. 

Pics by Lauren J. Photography



I've never worn the color yellow before. I can't believe I can actually say that at the age of 33, but I haven't. I have always ruled it out as a color that my olive skin can never pull off, but I was way wrong. This First Monday dress pulled me in. it just looked like sunshine to me, and I had to have it. 


When I wear this linen number I feel so feminine, fun and free. It reminds me of the carefree summers as a kid, and yet I feel like a beautiful woman in this at the same time. 


I appreciate the delicate tied straps and the smocked top as a nod to childhood, but I love that the dress sits closer to the natural waist instead of empire. I also love that the length doesn't lend itself to being too young. It's past the knee, and made of quality linen. 


If you're looking for a carefree, quality summer dress, look no further than First Monday. Also, have you seen the rest of their collection?! OMG! Their jumpsuits are amazing!


Elle's First Day of Kindergarten

Standard Wax - YAY - Boutique AZ Made Candles-36.jpg

My Elle, my Daughter; 

You are  just one month shy of your 6th birthday, and today you had your first day of kindergarten. You couldn’t wait to FaceTime to tell me all about your day, and, just like I knew you would, you had a blast. 😊️ But this morning, wow, this morning...More than the smiles of a great day or the pride from a school award, I saw it. I got a glimpse of your glory - who you were made to be and becoming.

You had tears in your eyes this morning. “Mommy, I’m scared,” you said. “What are you scared of?” I asked. “I’m scared because I don’t know anyone and I don’t know where to go and I don’t know what we are doing,” you cried. You were scared of the unknown. You held my hand so tight as you stood in the line waiting to go inside with your class. “You’re going to be ok,” I said. “It’s time to say your good-byes!” the teacher shouted. You gave me one big squeeze, and then you let go. You walked single file following the teacher. You looked back at us with watery eyes, but the tears were gone. We waved, and then I saw it. Right before you took your first step inside the school your back straightened & you raised your head higher & then you stepped into the fear & walked through the doors.

There have been many times when you have had to face fear and let go of me: your first steps, learning to swim and this year as you switched back and forth to houses confused and scared about what was going on and what was going to happen. I forget the fear that you have had to face too, and so I forget the bravery you have had to show just as much as I have. God was not mistaken when He told me He made you like me. Today, you showed me how God sees me. And today, you showed me how brave and strong you are. You are radiant! It took my breath away. And maybe one day you will read this and roll your eyes, but maybe one day you will read this on a scared day & remember the truth of who you are. Let go because you are brave & you will be ok.

Love, Mom.


LaurenJPhotography-8969 copy.jpg

After working in the styling and blogging world for over eight years, I know what side is my good side and what is my "bad side." I know what kind of light is most flattering and which poses make you look thinner. I know what colors work best for my skin and what cuts flatter me most. None of these things are bad things, but we know that every image always puts our best foot forward. Unfortunately, we have all gotten so good at taking the perfect selfie, editing blemishes off of our faces, and applying the best filter to make us look like we're glowing that we have slowly started to distort what beauty is and should be - acceptance and love of yourself no matter what you look like. 

LaurenJPhotography-8985 copy.jpg

It has taken me 33 years to get to a point where I can look in the mirror and say I am beautiful, and it's only in the past year, a year from hell no doubt, that I have been able to really let my "imperfections" show. I haven't really changed all that much. In fact, I may have even aged a lot more, but somehow I feel like I look better than ever. I would attribute all of that to the change in my heart and the self-esteem I have found this year. 

LaurenJPhotography-9014 copy.jpg

As you might known, Dove, is a huge proponent for self-esteem conversations and addressing the negativity that the beauty industry can have on their customers. Dove wants all women to feel beautiful in their own skin. So, Dove, along with a bunch of influencers like myself, have started to use the No Digital Distortion Mark. This means that what you see in this photo wasn't altered in anyway. It's straight out of the camera. All fly aways remain, discoloration, fine lines...They are all still there because that's truly who I am. I wouldn't want to be or look like anything else. 

This is taking the authentic marketing conversation to a whole new level, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. This campaign is significant to me as an influencer and also as an influencer marketing manager at August United. Every day I contract influencer to tell stories for brands in creative and authentic ways. I have a responsibility to select individuals that are continuing to use social media in an ethical way, and that includes exemplifying beauty in a real and attainable way. 

What do you think of this conversation? Are you a fan of the 'No Digital Distortion Mark?'

Photos by Lauren J. Photography