A Photographer's Perspective On Using A Stylist

Gina Meola is mentioned a lot on this blog because we work together often, and have become good friends because of it. I asked her if she would be interested in contributing something about fashion photography to the blog since she's a photographer, and instead she wanted to share how working with a fashion stylist has helped set her business apart. =) Now, can you see why I love her?! Enjoy!

--- For us, offering personal styling services to all our clients is SUCH a bonus! When a couple hires us, they believe in our values, they care about an amazing experience, and they trust us to capture them BEAUTIFULLY! Alex of AVE STYLES has helped solidify all those areas!

For most couples, engagement photos are the first time they are being professionally photographed together. It can feel unfamiliar, a little intimidating, or even awkward without the right guidance. So why not let an expert in fashion help put your clients’ minds at ease? In the end, they feel more confident in themselves and are more trusting of YOU.

These are just a few ways having a stylist “on staff” has changed Gina Meola Photography::

  • This is one more way our couples are cared for because we include this service in our collections.
  • Marcus and I spend less time preparing for photo sessions, and more time growing our business!
  • Our couples arrive stress-free to shoots because their ensembles were selected far in advance.
  • Our couples can focus on lovin’ each other instead of worrying about their outfits. This, in turn, helps us create natural, authentic photographs.
  • The overall experience AND image quality are enhanced tremendously!
  • Fully trusting Alex ensures our clients look and feel their very best!

The verdict is out, and having a personal fashion stylist makes the process much more relational, unique, and special! THANK YOU, ALEX!!

All images by Gina Meola Photography and style by AVE Styles.