A Stylist's Tool Box

After my first couple of shoots and some fashion emergencies that were remedied Macgyver style, I quickly learned it's a good idea to have a fashion tool box on hand, as well as some other key items for things such as stains, rips, a bad fit, broken jewelry, etc... So, I thought that it would be helpful to share some top tool box items with photographers, stylists and/or anyone about to be in front of the camera. Always be prepared, right? Besides, the last thing a photographer wants are more items to Photoshop. The goal should always be to look as flawless as possible.

So, here we go...

1. Scissors - Great for random threads, cutting tags, etc.

2. Safety pins - I use them for broken clasps on necklaces, keeping clothes in place, ensuring a better fit, etc.

3. Clothing clamps - Great for changing the fit of something loose and baggy to tight and fitted.

4. STEAMER - Wrinkles happen and they look bad on camera. It's just good to have on hand. I got a compact one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. Portable garment rack - helps keep clothes organized and wrinkle free. Definitely get one on wheels. I got mine for $16.00 at Target.

6. Lotion - Skin gets ashy and it shows on camera.

7. Extra panty hose or tights - Sometimes an outfit just needs it. Great to have on hand.

8. Small sewing kit - I've yet to have to use one, but things happen.

9. Clear nail polish - for runs in stockings

10. Kleenex and baby wipes - Kleenex can sometimes help rub off stains, but if it doesn't work break out the baby wipes. They are awesome at getting off deodorant. It's a trick I learned at J.Crew.

11. Deodorant - Sweaty pits happen and the last thing you want are wet marks on camera.

I also carry wardrobe enhancers with me, but we'll get to that in a later post. =) I hope this is helpful!