Are You Wishing for Some Style?

You may have already finished  your Christmas shopping like me (surprised? haha!) or you may still be wondering what to get that woman, man or teenager in your life? How about a confidence boost? How about some style? How about a clean closet? How about some shopping assistance? Rather than hoping you pick out the right the right sweater for Mr. Right or those perfect jeans for Miss Picky, give them a stylist for a couple of hours.

The best thing about my job is making the complex world of fashion simple and giving encouragement to those that stare at their closets every morning feeling anxiety about what to wear or because there is a mess that is staring back at them.

How much does a gift like me cost? Priceless according to MasterCard, but seriously, just $35 an hour. Give me two hours in your closet and I'll have at least five new outfits you haven't put together before vs. one brand new outfit you bought at GAP. Email me at if you would like a special gift card for that special someone.

Doubt my skills? Check out the photos below. Average people + clothes from their closet  = STYLE!