Art Direction & Styling Consultations


Sometimes all you need is a little direction and inspiration to get you on the right path. Recently, I have been providing art direction and styling consultations for clients that need help honing in on the specific elements to use in their photo shoots and films. That could be defining a setting such as a garden or a tree house or it could be the right dress or outfit to wear...It's the summation of details that makeup the visuals in a photo, and using Pinterest I help clients decide what direction to move in. This year I have had the opportunity to art direct and style brand films for some outstanding clients thanks to Ale Vidal. Her partnership over the past year has been incredible. I'm so thankful for her talent and friendship. Check out three films below to see how my consultations have played out in motion.

JOCELYN CASEY DESIGN - Jocelyn is a very talented interior designer who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Her home looks like it's straight out of Anthropologie's catalog. It even smells like the store. I worked with Jocelyn and Alejandra to define the specific visuals that would enhance the story and connect the viewer to Jocelyn on a personal level.

Jocelyn Casey Design from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

"The process of interior design is no different than life itself; profound and significant." Brand film for interior designer Jocelyn Casey

Film by Ale Vidal // Art Direction Consulting by AVE Styles // Song: "And She Translated Into the Sky" //

SANDRA BLUDAU - I got to meet Sandra almost three years ago through Promise Tangeman. She is a beautiful soul with a beautiful face to go with it. I worked with Sandra and Ale to dream up the feminine elements that would enhance the elegant brand she has established for photographing high school seniors. Soft pastels, light fabrics and a dreamy garden are just some of the details that went into her brand film. Watch it and fall in love with the beauty.

Twelfth Element from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

"I am young. I am free. This is me. This is my element." Brand film for Sandra Bludau Photography showcasing her high school senior experience - Twelfth Element //

Film by Ale Vidal // Art direction consult Alex Evjen // Location/House: Whitney Schones // Hair: Justin Arrellano // Makeup: Lucy Gonzalez (instagram: @lolalavern) Model: Rachael Bobjak

AMANDA HOLLOWAY - Amanda is an amazing senior photographer and business woman. She offers a wonderful workshop experience complete with styled shoots. I had the opportunity to do on-site styling for her workshop. Her high school senior models were flown in from all over the United States, and brought a suitcase full of clothing options. She had me narrow down what they should wear based on what they brought with them. It was a really fun experience spontaneously styling her subjects.

Kitchen Sink Workshop Reel from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

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