Baby Bumpin' Update

Well, well, my friends! I'm officially in the home stretch and have reached my third trimester. WOOOhooo! I can't wait to meet baby girl! Pregnancy has been a unique, eye-opening, beautiful, hard and exciting experience, and the grand finale is yet to come. Turning another year older last Friday, on top of all of these new experiences has blown my mind. One thing I know for sure is how much baby girl and I are loved by family and friends. I can't even fathom what it would be like to go through this experience without any love and support.

And on a FASHION note...Dressing stylish while pregnant is HAAARRRDD! Very hard! And if a fashion stylist is saying it's hard, then you know it has to be true. I would say half the battle is daily embracing the curves that are continuously growing. I'm not talking about the belly either...

And once you've gotten passed that, it's the underwear and bra situation that is pretty frustrating. Undergarments can completely change the shape of any woman's body and either enhance or detract from their outfit. Finding ones that don't make lines underneath my maxi dresses is a challenge. The seamless, no line underwear is the BEST solution I've found.

But it's all TOTALLY worth it. I'll be sharing a post about how to dress for maternity photos soon as I gear up for mine. Plus, I haven't even shared what kids fashion I'm loving these days! I'm shocked at myself! Stay tuned, and I hope you love these fun photos that my good friend Alejandra Vidal took at Promise Tangeman's GO LIVE workshop!