Bath time is probably one of my favorite parts of being a mom. It's time away from the phone and television to play in the water and have the silliest conversations. As I a kid I could spend hours in the bathtub, and I don't think it's any different being a parent (well, I definitely could do without all of the cleanup and water spilling over the tub some days). 

Every other night we give Elle a bath. We usually play tea party or mermaid. Munchkin has some really great bath toys, and we are big fans of their pink sparkle tea party set complete with cupcakes.

Once we have had some fun (sometimes with bubbles, sometimes without) we wash Elle's hair. We love using Be Good products because they are 90% natural and completely safe for kids of all ages. We also love their message to kids - it's all about teaching your kids kindness and love towards one another. How cool is that?! The packaging is gorgeous too, so it doesn't look ugly to leave your shampoo bottle out. You can get a trio of their shampoo, body wash and lotion for $49 at Ulta and save $13.


Everyone always wonders how Elle gets her curls. I must say it's mostly genetics, but after we use Be Good I brush her hair with The Wet Brush. These things are MAGIC I tell you! MAGIC! She doesn't cry when we brush her hair with it, and it gets out the tangles so much faster than any other brush I have used. Then I scrunch her curls with my hands and let it air dry.

To celebrate bath time fun with your kids, I'm teaming up with Be Good to giveaway a spa basket worth $165 for your kiddo. You will get Be Good shampoo, body wash and lotion along with a Pottery Barn bathrobe, matching slippers, a wet brush and kids nail polish. You'll have everything you need to make beautiful memories with your child. Simply comment below and share what you love about bath time with your kids, and then head over to Be Good's Instagram and follow them. The contest ends at 5pm MST on Wednesday, November 25th. Good luck!

*This is a sponsored post by Be Good.