Center Part

Hair trends don't come and go as quickly as clothing trends. Thank goodness because my hair grows as slow as molasses! But when they do arise you know it because everyone starts sporting them. Remember when zebra stripe highlights and pixie cuts were popular? Let's just be honest, neither of those look good on the majority of people.

However, the latest hair trend, center parts, usually do. Hurray! Something that we can actually take part in without sacrificing our lovely locks. You may have already been enjoying this hairstyle because it's a pretty timeless look, but for a lot of us, including myself, side parts have been our staple - maybe even with side swooped bangs.

So, why make the switch?

Check out this side by side comparison of Anne Hathaway deviating from her side part to a center one. So much more modern if you ask me.


So, what do you think? Are you going to move your part over a couple of centimeters?