I don't know about you, but I tend to accessorize a lot more when winter arrives. Maybe because winter accessories like hats and scarves not only enhance an outfit, but they also perform a practical purpose of keeping me warm.

Two must-have winter accessories I am loving right now are blanket scarves and pom-pom beanies. 

I love this beautiful pink, red and green blanket scarf from Alixandra Collections because it's festive for the holidays without being overly obvious. There are a million ways to wear it too. You could wear it like a wrap and belt it, you could tie both ends and make an infinity scarf, or you could just simply throw it over your shoulder and go. That's how I like to wear it, and it takes the fuss out of styling.

I've paired my winter hat and scarf with a pink blush oversized sweater and jeans. It's super cozy and stylish. If comfort is a concern you might want to consider this combination. When the scarf comes off I've chosen to accessorize with two layered arrowhead necklaces.

When wearing hats I always try to make sure my hair is framing my face. I have a smaller head, so this oversized pom really adds some volume and balances things out. I know a lot of women worry about having hat hair when they take off their winter hat, but the trick to making sure your hair always looks great is to style it messy to begin with. I like to use a curl stick and wrap my hair and they put some hairspray and dry shampoo in to give it grip and texture. When I take off my hat I simply flip my head upside down and shake my fingers through my locks. It works perfectly every time.

Add some holiday sparkle with a stack of your favorite bangles. All of these bracelets are also from Alixandra Collections.

This post is sponsored by Alixandra Collections. Photography by Melissa Jill Photography; makeup by SN Makeup Artist.