Dressing for Your Mood

Do you dress for your mood? I do, and I think you probably do too because clothing choices, hair styles and makeup application are ultimately extensions of our personality. But, is that ever dangerous? What if you are in a state of depression or a state of constant stress or you dislike your body? How does that influence your wardrobe, purchases and what you put on in the morning? Are you ending up with a sea of solid colored, plain t-shirts because they are easy and some how prints are more challenging? Are jeans the only pants you wear because they are always comfortable? Do you never wear your hair differently because you are covering up acne? Do you have a closet full of black because you feel that's the only color that makes you look attractive?

This past Sunday, I was sifting through some old photos, and was reminded of how self conscious I felt in high school and seasons of college. They way I held my hands to cover up my stomach, slouching because I felt my chest was too big, always wearing my hair down to cover up my acne, never taking time to put on makeup or do my hair. I adored fashion back then, but you would never have known because I was too embarrassed of my body - too stressed out over school, relationships, etc. I just used clothes to cover myself up, and therefore, used clothes to reflect how self conscious I felt.

I saw another post on a blog this week that had a similar confession, and this just broke my heart.

I will be the first one to say that new clothes, makeup or a new hair-do will not solve the problem. That's a heart issue that needs to be resolved from within. Personally, I can honestly say that I am the most FREE I have EVER felt in my life because I have taken a risk and bet on God's provision and His desire to use my talents, passions and gifts. That faith has changed me, and I would say that the people that see me on a daily basis have started to notice more of a risk in my fashion choices as well. Maybe you don't believe the same things I do, but regardless, all of us will always dress based on how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, we may often times find ourselves locked in a closets of  clothes that are only going to enable the depression and discomfort . Maybe risking in your fashion choices can help you take a step towards freeing yourself from an inward battle?

So, here's my question to you...What mood have you been dressing for, and how has that affected your wardrobe and clothing choices? What do you need help with? This blog and my adventure in starting this business is to counteract these issues and get rid of these lies you tell yourselves.

For what it's worth, I love you even if I don't know you.

Please feel free to share your fashion struggles in the comment section. If you just want to share privately, you can email me at alexandra@avestyles.com.