Drugstore Beauty

Drugstore products are a lot of fun, they're cheap and easy and you never get too upset when the results are less than stellar. Most of us are willing to splurge on products like foundation or concealer, but for things like colorful eyeshadows or really "trendy" products-i.e. lavender eyeshadow or bright pink lip stain, a trip to the drug store is all you need. Here's a list of some drugstore products I've tried, or have been wanting to try for awhile now. Maybelline Baby Lips, have you ever used this stuff? It's awesome. Super colorful, cute packaging, and only around $3. I have the "Pink Punch" color, which is a super bright pink that shows up really well, but I want all the colors!


Revlon's Lip Butter is another one I like. It has a really creamy texture and costs around $6. There are so many lip butters, stains, and sticks to try, so get to your nearest drug store to get some new colors for spring!

A good eyeliner is hard to find. It's something I wouldn't mind splurging on, but I always revert back to a drugstore eyeliner for colors like violet and emerald. I like Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner for a more dramatic look. Another one I've ended up loving is the liquid liner from Target's e.l.f. line, it was $1! How can you resist?!  I LOVE e.l.f. products, they range from $1-$5, so really, you can't be upset when you don't like the product...I mean it only cost you under $5! I can go on for days about how much I love this line and their price point, pretty much the only thing that fits my budget. I want to buy everything from the e.l.f. line and I probably will since I have no self control when it comes to beauty items. Anyways, their eyeliner is great, as well as the individual fake lashes, which I tried last weekend (and also only cost $1). They also make some pretty good eyeshadow/eyeliner brushes. I really want to try their brow products next.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner 1

Another drugstore product I love is Bioré pore strips. I'm not one to experiment with cheap products for my face because I have pretty sensitive skin, but these strips are awesome. A lot of people find them gross, but I think they're fun! Your face even looks kind of like you had a facial afterwards. At least your nose does.

Mascaras are another product I don't often buy from the drugstore, once again because my face/eyes are sensitive. I've been using the popular Benefit They're Real! mascara lately, but I know I'll eventually return to good ol' Maybelline Great Lash. It's a great, basic mascara I don't mind spending $5 on.


What about you? Are there any drugstore products you've tried and loved?