Since 2012, when Elle was born, there are so many more baby products and gadgets to choose from. I have specifically seen a huge growth in selection of baby carriers. In fact, at Alt Summit this past summer I was introduced to three new carrier companies - Solly Baby, Lille Baby and Nesting Days. They are ALL amazing in different ways.

I wanted to share with you the Nesting Days carrier first because it is specifically and perfectly made for the newborn phase. I LOVE it! Rather than worry about whether or not you have wrapped your fabric correctly and juggle yards of fabric in the parking lot, this is a carrier that you slip on like a tank top and simply place your little one in it. It also holds TWO infants at a time if you have twins. PLUS...and here's the cool part...It helps suck in your postpartum gut.

You can wear it as your top for the day or you can wear it over a nursing tank. Either way it is so EASY and so comfy. I really wish I had this when I had Elle. You better believe I am taking this with me to San Fran next week!

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*Product was sponsored for this blog post. Photos by Gina Meola.