Elle's First Day of Kindergarten

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My Elle, my Daughter; 

You are  just one month shy of your 6th birthday, and today you had your first day of kindergarten. You couldn’t wait to FaceTime to tell me all about your day, and, just like I knew you would, you had a blast. 😊️ But this morning, wow, this morning...More than the smiles of a great day or the pride from a school award, I saw it. I got a glimpse of your glory - who you were made to be and becoming.

You had tears in your eyes this morning. “Mommy, I’m scared,” you said. “What are you scared of?” I asked. “I’m scared because I don’t know anyone and I don’t know where to go and I don’t know what we are doing,” you cried. You were scared of the unknown. You held my hand so tight as you stood in the line waiting to go inside with your class. “You’re going to be ok,” I said. “It’s time to say your good-byes!” the teacher shouted. You gave me one big squeeze, and then you let go. You walked single file following the teacher. You looked back at us with watery eyes, but the tears were gone. We waved, and then I saw it. Right before you took your first step inside the school your back straightened & you raised your head higher & then you stepped into the fear & walked through the doors.

There have been many times when you have had to face fear and let go of me: your first steps, learning to swim and this year as you switched back and forth to houses confused and scared about what was going on and what was going to happen. I forget the fear that you have had to face too, and so I forget the bravery you have had to show just as much as I have. God was not mistaken when He told me He made you like me. Today, you showed me how God sees me. And today, you showed me how brave and strong you are. You are radiant! It took my breath away. And maybe one day you will read this and roll your eyes, but maybe one day you will read this on a scared day & remember the truth of who you are. Let go because you are brave & you will be ok.

Love, Mom.