Emenecker Familiy Portraits

I recently had the privilege of helping the Emenecker family pick out their outfits for their family portrait session with Melissa Jill Photography.

This adorable family of three invited me to their home to select clothing from their closet.

Little Miss Kailey is one of the cutest kids on the planet. I actually met her the day of her birthday, and she was sooo excited to wear her birthday dress and shoes to her party. haha! This girl LOVES clothes and accessories. She even added a little pizazz to her own outfit with her pink necklace.

We started with Kailey's outfit because she had a rainbow of colors to choose from. We chose one of her favorite shirts and her cute little gray skinny jeans. This set the color palette for the shoot - gray, pink and black

We then moved on to Terri's outfit picking jeans to keep with the tone, one of her favorite cardigans and a cute pink shirt. Terri is a lover of accessories, and did a great job of picking out a coordinating necklace.

Ryan had a great selection of dress shirts. He wore a black button up for their last portrait session, so I didn't want to do the same thing again. I also didn't want to choose a gray button up because it would have been too much gray standing next to Teri, and pink isn't Ryan's color. So, we stayed with black by adding a v-neck sweater and a pop a gray with a button-up underneath.

Melissa Jill did a fabulous job capturing this family's joy, as well as finding a coordinating location for their outfits!!! You can see more photos from their portrait session here.