Family Room Update


With divorce comes dividing assets. A lot of the rooms that I finally completed are now incomplete once again. My family room has gone through some changes since I made it over with Home Depot. My blue velvet sofa is now my main sofa, and my animal skin rug is gone. My chairs are also gone. So, a lot of the furniture from my the formal sitting area is now my family room furniture. I kept the bleached jute rug, but I added a blue traditional rug from Natural Area rugs to layer over it. It ties the blue sofa in nicely. 


Area rugs can be a challenge, but I really like layering because it's cost effective. Jute area rugs can cover more square feet for less, and then you can splurge on a colorful traditional rug if you want. The great thing is that Natural Area Rugs have affordable prices on all kinds of rugs. No need to hold back. 


Though it has been sad to see so much change, it has also been good to slowly rebuild and make things my own. New memories in new spaces. If you are looking for affordable area rug options, definitely check out Natural Area Rugs. 


Photos by Rennai Hoefer