Featured in La Petite Magazine

One thing that I had yet to do this year was style kids' clothing. I'm excited to say that I've already gotten a chance to do it twice, and it's a whole different game when your models are five.

La Petite Magazine is a children's magazine that features artistic photography and clothing, and I was happy to meet the creator of the magazine, Rachelle a super stylish mom, at the Altitude Summit this past January. I told her I wanted to try my hand at styling kiddos, and from there I asked my friend Kym Ventola (who also shot that Savers shoot I posted the other day) if she would be interested. She too is one fashionable mom, and I knew it was in the shoot's best interest to work with people that know kids.

Of course, in my world, the most important part of a fashion shoot is the clothing, so Esp. No. 1 was kind enough to lend all of the clothes for the shoot. This California clothing line is pretty awesome because everything they sell is androgynous. Their colored denim is fabulous. It comes in every color you can think of!

We photographed Caden and Camryn, two adorable five year-olds, in the desert of Arizona. We depicted them as best friends having a little adventure together. Since the magazine tends to publish things that are a bit more avant-garde and the clothing company is androgynous, I wanted to make their outfits a bit more fashion forward than commercial. And yet, I also made sure the kids liked them and wanted to play in them.


The hair was done by Matty G from The Spot Salon in Phoenix and the makeup was done by Linda Wagner. With this wonderful team of people the shoot went smoothly and was a blast! Definitely check out the latest issue of La Petite, and if you would like the photographer's perspective of the shoot, click here to read her blog post.