A Place to Call Our Own

For the past nine years I have rented apartments and houses, and I can now say that I have a place of my VERY OWN! Ryan and I are still in Phoenix, Arizona, and we've moved to a cute neighborhood surrounded by old and young people. We've already met the neighbors, and they are the sweetest people!

I can't tell you how excited I am! This house is such a blessing and a great reminder that patience and saving really do make everything worth it in the end...AND now I can do WHATEVER I want to it!!! I can change my paint colors five times, rip out carpet, etc. In fact, I've already been on a home makeover rampage. I find myself overwhelmed at all of the changes I want to make at times, but then I remember I should slow down and really enjoy the process.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know that I love architecture. I also enjoy a mix of contemporary and mid-century modern things. In fact, here are some items from my Pinterest board. Our first priority though is our back and front yard. Right now it looks like Where the Wild Things Are. You can check out the vibe of what we're wanting to create on my Modern Yard inspiration board.

For those of you that are home owners, I would love any tips and lessons learned from the decorating, remodeling and general home-ownership adventure!