After all of the orthodontia I went through (headgear, braces, retainer, etc.) you better believe I am doing everything I can to keep my pearly whites looking their best. As I have gotten older and started drinking drip coffee in the mornings, I have noticed my teeth have started to yellow. I used whitening toothpaste for a bit but I found it made my teeth very sensitive so I stopped. I have tried Crest White Strips, but they tasted terrible and were really expensive. But, recently, I tried a toothpaste that did the trick in three days. 

It's called AP24 by Nu Skin. I was skeptical about it when I started seeing friends post about in on Facebook. I thought, "Oh no. Is this another get rich quick scheme?" When a close friend of mine started selling it I had to ask her the million dollar question, "Does this stuff really work?" She said, "Yep, and it tastes like normal toothpaste and doesn't make your teeth more sensitive." Noticing I was still skeptical, she said she wold give me the toothpaste at no charge to try it as long as I gave an honest review about it. 

I accepted her challenge, and just three days after using it I saw a dramatic difference. In fact, I have been using it since then and they don't seem to be getting whiter than the white I got after three days. So, that means, you just have to use this toothpaste for three days and then return to your paste of choice. At least, that's what I have done, and the next time I see my teeth getting yellow again I'll bring this one back out because it works like a charm. 

This toothpaste is expensive compared to any normal tube you would find at a drugstore, but $20 isn't much to pay compared to expensive whitening treatments like white strips or trays. If you are in need of a brighter smile I highly recommend AP24

All photos were taken with my iPhone to ensure that no post editing or professional photography would alter the results. I do not make any money by promoting AP24 toothpaste.