Getting Social

I'm getting more social! This may seem completely impossible since I'm more like a social hummingbird rather than a butterfly - wings flapping at 100MPH...So, I guess I should rephrase this...AVE Styles is getting more social!

I finally got around to setting up my account. It has been on my task list for about three months. No joke! Not sure why I procrastinated about something this fun, but nonetheless you can now get instantaneous updates on the styles I personally love, style trends, menswear favorites and home decor obsessions.

I've also created a Facebook business page where you can explore all of my photo shoots and get instantaneous updates. I still update through Twitter too, but have found that a good chunk of you guys still don't like it as much as Facebook.

I would love for you to become fans/followers/social butterflies with me, and "like/fan/follow" AVE Styles. Also, please share any tips on other places I should get involved in. I've considered, but haven't made the jump. Anything else?