Golden Nuggets - Being A Dresser

Here is another golden nugget I've picked up...I've learned what a dresser is, become one and I'm really enjoying it. A year ago, the closest I had ever been to a fashion show was being in the Madison, Wisconsin West Town Mall during the early 90's and watching models on pedestals stare down at me. The word or title "dresser" meant what I put my clothes in. I had no idea it's also job during fashion shows.

In May, I had my first experience dressing models for Phoenix Fashion week, and I just recently became a regular dresser for The Agency AZ.

It has been such a HUGE learning ground for me as a stylist. I'm learning all of the details that it takes to execute a successful fashion show. Meeting professional models is pretty fun too. You would be surprised how many of them don't plan on having a career in fashion.

Before the model walks the runway the stylist or designer is there to make sure the model is picture perfect, but it's the "speed" dressers that really help the show run smoothly. Before the show starts the dressers make sure the looks are in order, that the clothes are unzipped and easy to get into and take notes from the stylist as to how they want the clothes to be worn.

It's a MAJOR adrenaline rush having a show start and needing models to be in their next look within three or four mintues - jewelry, shoes, tights, etc. It can be extremely chaotic, but it's SO MUCH fun!

After the show, clothes have to be hung back on the hangers, retail tags put back on and everything returned to the store. Whew!

If you're thinking about being involved in fashion, I highly recommend being a dresser. You meet so many people and learn SO MUCH!