This past Thanksgiving was very memorable for me because Ryan and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home, AND I survived my first turkey encounter. Well, meaning, that I cooked my first turkey and it turned out picture perfect - as you can see below in my before and after picture...I credit my success to all of the advice my family and friends gave me, and the Italian Food Network beauty, Giada. That girl knows what she's talkin' about!

You may be surprised, but the day after Thanksgiving I never go shopping. No way! My day-after-Thanksgiving-tradition is to decorate for Christmas. So, Ryan and I enjoyed a lazy morning, and spent the afternoon putting decorations up around the house.

This was a totally new and fun experience because it will also be our first Christmas in our own house. AND therefore we had to learn how to properly hang lights.

All I can say is thank goodness for staple guns. Amen!

Thanks to Ikea I found some rad wreaths for the three windows of our bright door.

I thought it would be fun to draw a Christmas tree on my chalkboard door too. I got the idea from a CB2 catalog. Although, their drawing was WAY better than mine. hehe.

If you haven't noticed yet, I don't really decorate in the usual Christmas colors. I love the idea of a modern Christmas. Case and point my white Christmas tree.

Oh, and you may be wondering why in the world it's way behind my couch...Well, let's just say my dog, Wendy, likes to eat ornaments.

BUT, I will say, I think we're going to get a real Christmas tree as the big day approaches because pine scented candles just don't do the trick. Of course, this tree will be wrapped in ribbon and lights only, and not tempting, shiny ornaments. =)

How was your Thanksgiving? What type of decorations are you doing for the holidays?