InStyle Social Media Awards Nominee

Four years ago when I decided that I just had to pursue fashion as if it was something inside of me ready to burst out of my chest I didn't really know where my passion would take me. I wasn't even thinking much about wether or not I was going to succeed or fail. It was about this desire to create beauty and encourage people. These past years have been an incredible ride. From my first photo shoot to my first runway experience to my first time getting published to my inexplainable growth on Pinterest to working with brands I never thought I'd touch with a ten foot pole to now being nominated for an award by one of my favorite magazines EVER! Little me? I have dried applesauce on my arm and my hair isn't even brushed as I type this. I never thought in a million years that I would catch the attention of such a popular publication like InStyle magazine and be nominated for a social media award. This is something that I can only credit God with because there are so many other talents out there that have more followers, equally cool Pinterest boards and probably did their hair today. I am so humbled by how faithful God is and how He can truly knock our socks off our feet whenever He wants. haha. In the moments when I found myself thinking that the success of my business was by my own two hands I found myself tripping over mistakes and stressed to the max. It's when I hold my business with palms facing up, flat as pancakes He truly blows me away.

So, whether you believe in God or not, I just want you to know that it's worth dreaming big and taking a gut-felt risk. And, there's a REALLY good chance your dreams and goals are going to look different as you go through life, but I promise you will be blown away.

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