Lip Gloss

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that bright lips are going to be BIG this season. I'm not necessarily speaking of red lips - more like pinks and purples. Many beauty blogs and style magazines are saying its the return of the lipstick. I, however, cannot stand lipstick. It's mainly the taste and its ability to always land on my teeth. My solutions... Lip stains and my two FAVORITE high pigmented lip glosses - Benefit's Lip Gloss and Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (only the opaque colors like the purple shown below on the right).

You can increase the color intensity by adding more gloss to your lips, so don't be afraid to buy a dark color. They always start pretty sheer. Your lips always feel moisturized (important for dry climates) and always look shiny and kissable. Great for Valentine's Day. =)