Love You

Happy Friday! Today, I'm not just celebrating the start of the weekend, but myself. Yep, I'm lovin' on myself. Have you ever noticed that people have the HARDEST time paying themselves compliments? We don't ever want to come across as arrogant, of course, so I think that causes us to rarely pat ourselves on the back and show ourselves a little love.

Well, a friend of mine that I met last January at Alt Summit, Jessica Reasons, has a beautiful blog where she shares her style and latest likes, and recently she started a weekly post called "Love You." Every Friday different people in the blogging community and in her life share what they love about themselves. What an amazing idea, no? She asked me to be a part of it, and so today I'm sharing on her blog the things that I love about myself.

Go on over and check it out (click here), and definitely take a moment to click through her blog and AMAZING jewelry designs. This girls is so creative and beautiful!