Luminous White Teeth


This post is sponsored by Tom's of Maine.


To know me is to know that I'm obsessed with clean teeth. I love the dentist, and I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned twice a year. And during the time in between visits, well, I try to keep my pearly whites in tip-top shape at all times. The only thing is that I have very sensitive teeth, and a lot of the whitening toothpastes and products on the market exacerbate the sensitivity. 


I have been on the hunt for a gentle toothpaste that whitens, and I was so happy to hear that Tom's of Maine has released a new whitening toothpaste called Luminous White Toothpaste that is safe for every day use and safe on my enamel. It promises to give you whiter teeth in two weeks by removing surface stains vs. fluoride toothpaste. It also doesn't have any artificial flavors, colors or ingredients. 


I took their challenge to see if I would really have whiter teeth in two weeks. Though I couldn't tell a dramatic difference, what I have loved is that my teeth are staying bright white without any issues of increased sensitivity. Not to mention I feel good about using Tom's of Maine more than any other toothpaste out there because 10% of their profits goes to environmental and human goodness. That's super hero power toothpaste!


I'd love to see you take on Tom's of Maine's challenge of brighter teeth in two weeks, and report back your results. It's always great to hear if other people have had good experiences too.