Mama Drama - My Maternity Photo Shoot

I couldn't have dreamed of a better photo shoot to celebrate becoming a mom. My dear friend Gina Meola knocked the ball out of the park with her brilliant photography skills. Even though she mainly photographs weddings, she was amazing enough to share her talent with me and celebrate this new chapter in my life.

The same goes for my good friend Kim Cornwell who has been a part of almost half of my photo shoots, and a HUGE support in helping me be the fashion stylist I am today. My hair is always in the best hands with her, and she had a blast making my hair the curliest and biggest it has EVER been in my life! It was AWESOME. Not only is she a brilliant artist, but a super encouraging woman that you just want to be around all of the time.

Lastly, Azure Schaffer is a new friend of mine, and the perfect person to do the makeup for this shoot because she is also expecting a baby this fall. She not only is an expert at making people look beautiful, but she is a FINE ARTIST. Her skills with her brushes are equivalent to painting. She dreamed up an awesome look for this shoot, and really tied everything together with her choices.

I hope you love the photos as much as I do. It was SUCH a fun experience to celebrate my little girl growing in my belly!

If you're curious about the clothes, I wore a striped dress from H&M, a lace dress that I found at Marshalls, and a silk blouse by Vince. I kept everything bold, simple and contrasting - perfect for black and white as well as color. Also, nothing was maternity wear. I've really found that maternity clothes don't fit me well, and it's best to just go up a size in regular clothes. I hope that gives ladies out there hope that they don't have to give up their love of fashion while being pregnant.


To see more photos from this session, please visit Gina's blog.