Micro Trends I'm Loving

Every season has big trends and small ones. I like the term "micro trends" for the little guys. It just sounds more scientific. I've already identified some big trends that I'm liking such as coral, lace and shoulder cut outs, but what are the micro ones? Here are some I'm loving...

Mint Green -I've always loved this color. It's calming, and it makes you look super tan if you have a medium skin tone. Whether you accessorize with mint bracelets or you dive into it with mint jeans, you can't go wrong with this color right now. It's also a great contrast to the popular citrus colors this season.


Gold Shoes -We already know that gold has made a comeback, and silver has taken a backseat in the jewelry department. But it's now time to show off those tootsies with a metallic gold shoe and not just leave our jewelry to do the talking.


Tying Knots - The late 80's trend of tying your shirt on the side is back. And not only that, but since maxi dresses have dominated this year, tying the bottoms of them are pretty cool too!


Fringe - I don't think I've ever owned one piece of clothing or an accessory with fringe. I guess it's a bit too bohemian for my style, but I will say this season I'm warming up to it. If you happen to be a fringe lover already, then you're in luck. You can even find it on bikinis.