Most Popular Pins

I have over one million followers on my personal style board, trends board and recipes board, and 560,000+ overall followers. I have no idea who all of these people are, where they live or what they do. BUT, now through this new social media platform, I do know what they like. That's one of the best things about Pinterest. You not only can categorize your favorite things, but you can keep track of what the majority of the people love too!

So, I thought it would be interesting to see what trends and outfits everyone thinks are the best and to see if y'all agree. All of these images have received 600+ repins, and some of them have received over 1,000. AND the ones at the VERY top have gotten 3,000+ repins. Next time I have a party I will wear a yellow dress and make margarita popsicles and turtles. =) haha!

It is apparent that my Pinterest followers are obsessed with shoes. The funny thing is that I'm not really a shoe gal. Are you?

These are the top four shoes. Out of this group the ones that I would actually purchase are the flats. I love the others, but I would be a walking giant if I gave the rest a go.

I guess a lot of users on pinterest are ready to put on a pair of shorts!

The interesting thing about these top pins is that there isn't a specific style that is represented. There's glam, all-American AND indie.

As far as beauty trends, women are ready to put their hair up in elegant ways.

And neon and gold hues are catching their eyes!

But what outfits are their all time favorites?

There is something for everyone woman - pretty lace, simple white, or tomboy chic. I'd wear them all! Would you?

All of these images and their sources can be found here.