My Alter Ego


I stepped on a stage at the age of three and I think it was that moment that I fell in love with performing. I can still remember the song that I did my first tap dance to, "No Can't Do!" I've haven't stopped performing since. Whether it was choreographed water ballets at the public pool or hours of practicing my dance moves in front of my bathroom mirror, I've always loved performing. alexaweb

I loved it so much that I went to a special performing arts high school in Houston, Texas where I majored in clarinet performance. Yes, I was a nerd, but I have always found a way to be involved in the arts. I am proud to say Beyonce went to my school, so maybe that's where this alter ego of mine first started to develop. B has Sasha Fierce and I have Alexa!

Alexa is the name of my mannequin and my diva alter ego that dances in my head. haha. I am weird you guys, but I think you know this by now. Who doesn't secretly dream of accepting Academy Awards, dancing in a music video with JT and strutting on the runway at New York Fashion Week?!


The ability to transform myself and others is part of what makes me love fashion. To this day I still step on stage to sing for church, have daily dance parties with my daughter and create special experiences for film and photography. Alexa is very much alive, and keeps me dreaming and performing even though the audience might not be able to fill a football stadium.

I'd love to hear the names of your "alter egos!" Please share!


Dress from; Photo by Gina Meola, makeup by SN Makeup Artist; Hair by Kim Cornwell, Styling by AVE Styles