New Website!!!

Hi Everyone! I am proud to introduce you to AVE Styles, my styling company website and blog all in one. has changed to, so if you try to visit the old URL it will direct you back here. I hope you love the site as much as I do. A trifecta of my husband Ryan (implementation of graphic design), my friend Promise Tangeman (graphic designer) and Theme Forest (Word Press theme creator), created this masterpiece of a website. As time goes on it'll become more dynamic with portfolio images.

Join me on my journey of entrepreneurship, self discovery and fashion exploration. Make sure to click the RSS link in your address bar or the RSS link at the bottom of the web page to subscribe to all of the fashion advice and inspiration you have enjoyed on my old blog and you will enjoy on this new website.

Please also spread the word about AVE Styles. If you would like to have a fun AVE Styles ad on your blog, let me know and I'll see you a little .jpeg. Email me at