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This post is sponsored by American Standard.

You don’t often think about how important your kitchen faucet is to your daily routine, but it is probably one of the most used things in my home and in yours. I use my faucet so many times throughout the day without thinking about it: washing my hands after a diaper change, filling a pot for pasta, washing Levi’s hands after eating spaghetti, watering my plants, cleaning my dishes. The list goes on and on. The reality is I couldn’t do life very well without my kitchen faucet. I’ve partnered with American Standard to share with you how their Beale Pull-down Touchless Faucet has been a game changer in our home. The touchless technology and the high arch design has really made me appreciate a good faucet.

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When we moved into this house I didn’t love the kitchen sink or faucet. It was an old one from 1993, but it worked, so I didn’t think to change it. In my mind it was a low priority compared to the other updates I wanted to do. When American Standard gave me the opportunity to install their Beale touchless faucet design I was so happy. I chose a chrome finish to coordinate with the appliances in our kitchen, and installed it immediately after it arrived.

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Since installing it, I have noticed the water pressure is much better with this faucet and the high arch makes it easy to get large pans underneath the water. The real game changer, is the touchless technology. Most of us have only experienced touchless faucet technology in a public restroom, but now American Standard is bringing it into the home, and I’m so glad. When I have a big pot of boiling water I no longer have to do a juggling act to turn the cool water on without burning myself. I simply wave my hands in front of the sensor and it turns on. When I’m hoisting my two year old up to wash his hands I don’t have to juggle him either. He just reaches gives a motion in front of the faucet and the water turns on. It’s fabulous! I can’t recommend it enough.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer