Part 2: Mod-ified Shoot

Groovy baby! Groovy!

This 60's mod shoot was so much fun! Working with good friends, Session Nine Photography and Heather Nyhart, made it even better.

Just looking at Heather, you can obviously tell that she's a dead ringer for the famous model, Twiggy. From there everything came together.

For her makeup, I did pale blue eye shadow, which was popular at that time, as well as black liner, false lashes and pale lips. I didn't want exactly copy Twiggy, so we did ours with a modern day vibe. Just a touch of blush and...voila! MOD!

For her outfits, we used clothes from her closet and her roommates' closets. I really want to incorporate bright tights in every look. Of course, short shift dresses were popular then as well, so we include those. For shoes, she had a killer pair of modern-day black shooties, 70's style white boots and some cute flats. I played off of the color blocking trend that was popular then and has come back this year making the shoot VERY colorful.

To enhance the 'groovy vibe' we photographed against some wild walls in downtown Phoenix close to my house.

We also focused a lot on using Heather's body to create fun shapes just like they did in the 60's.

I hope you guys love it. We all worked really hard. Check out Session Nine's website to see more photos, as well as yesterday's post sharing the inspiration from the shoot.

Peace and love! ;)