People to Follow on Pinterest

As you know, I'm an avid pinner on Pinterest. It's my favorite place to find inspiration, recipes, spot trends and help clients visualize their style. My following has grown exponentially to over one million followers since joining pinterest back in early 2011. People have asked me how I did it. I'm not really sure other than I just always pin things that are relevant to my personal brand and things that I think my friends and clients will love. But you have to know where to find those interesting, unique clothes or super tasty recipes first.

So where do I look? Well, first, I read a LOT of blogs. I don't even know how many I follow now, but I think my Google Reader is maxed out.

Secondly, I follow many of my favorite bloggers on Pinterest in addition to some other people with great style.

Here are a handful of my favorite people on Pinterest that I think you'll love following too...

Eat Sleep Wear - Kimberly has this amazing blog called Eat.Sleep.Wear. If you have never heard of it, go follow it right now! She is also a graphic designer, which makes her selection of clothes that much better I'm sure. Her pinterest is just as amazing as what she blogs about.

Erin Loechner - Erin is one of the sweetest people I've ever interacted with. I met her at Altitude Summit this past year, and I've loved her blog for a while. She is the founder of Design for Mankind and Design for Minikind. She also works with HGTV a lot, so you know she has to have some serious style.

MIMI + MEG - Megan Biram is a very talented blogger. I'm pretty sure her excellent taste on Pinterest comes from the fact that she's a graphic designer and an amazing fine artist. Check out some of her paintings, click here.

Brooke White - Brooke is an Arizonan, was on American Idol and is a part of Girls with Glasses. She has continued singing as part of Jack + White, and is a mommy to be! Her style is awesome. Everything she pins I look twice at.

Glitter Guide - I'm sure most of you know what the Glittler Guide is, but if you don't it's pretty simple and great. It's just a tumblr of beautiful things. Essentially, pinterest on tumblr. So, obviously, GG's pinterest is fantastic for inspiration.

Following these people above will make it so much easier to find things that you love and feel inspired by. Have fun! Also, let me know if you're on Pinterest, and paste your pinterest link below!