Need some really good news? Well, here it is. Pinterest is the one social media platform that rewards you for recycling great content. In fact, you SHOULD recycle your pins. Why and how, you ask? 

If you have created timeless good quality content, tell the world! Chances are you have grown your following and your new followers haven't seen all of your entertaining tips or amazing fudge recipe. Don't keep the secret to yourself! Share the wealth my friend!

You might be worried about losing followers if you recycle a pin. Have no fear, this isn't Instagram. If it has been six months or more since you have shared this pin and it's relevant to people's lives, by all means don't hold back. I promise you won't lose followers. 

So, how do you share it? Should you repin it to the same board? Upload the image again and make a new pin? Add it to a new board? Great questions! I recommend repinning your original pin from last year, changing the description a bit and adding it to whatever board makes sense. Ideally, I would recommend pinning it to a different board because you may reach a new audience with this pin, but sharing it again on the same board won't hurt you either. 

I hope I have made your day much easier on you. Have fun recycling! 

See more photos from this fun collaboration with Lone Flag, click here.  Photography by Ale Vidal