Remember back in 2011 when everyone was just joining Pinterest and it was the most addicting, beautiful place on the internet? Though I use Pinterest every day being a "power-pinner, pinfluencer, pin ambassador..." whatever you want to call me, I'm getting tired of all of the pushing and self-promotion. 

It's still the place for many people to go to find helpful advice, IKEA hacks, and tasty recipes, but not for the pretty. When I want to find inspiration I open up Instagram or Tumblr because those seem to be places where people care much more about curating beauty. I'm tired of seeing text over images with "How to" phrases or "5 Ways to Style Short Hair" just because it generates clicks. 

So, I'm resolving to going back to the pretty this year. I've always been picky about what I pin, but now I'm ready for my Pinterest to feel more like an art gallery and less like a marketing platform - making my Pinterest-universe a place of beauty like it once was. Some people say that they hate their feed now because it's cluttered with pins they don't even like.  Here are some tips to cleaning things up:

  1. Make sure to only pin what you really love. Pinterest learns what you pin, so it's going to suggest you content that looks similar to what you add to your boards. So, it's your own dang fault if your feed starts to look ooogly (that's super ugly in "alex language"). 
  2. Make sure you follow and possibly unfollow the people who curate their accounts to your liking. When I follow new people with great taste Pinterest, again, learns what I like.
  3. Clean up your own boards by deleting the pins you don't love. (Note: Don't delete boards though because you may end up removing followers. Deleting pins won't hurt you though).

Photo by Rennai Hoefer