My Style Philosophy


What you value influences how you shop and what you wear. Do you value quality craftsmanship? Do you value whether something is eco-friendly or American-made? Do brand names matter? Do you believe less is more? Is modesty important to you? Many of us have a personal style philosophy that we use as our shopping filter before we even pick up a garment and ask whether the color is complementary, the style is flattering and the price is right. My philosophy is style is expression, not consumption. So, I often ask myself, "Do I really need this?" I believe that you can express your personality, creativity and values through your clothing without having to buy a lot. In fact, I think when given limits we show more creativity and problems solving. I'm sure we could all create five new outfits if we just stood in our closets for 10 minutes putting different pieces together.

Try it this week. See if you can come up with five new outfits with things you already own rather than buying a new top at Target even if it is only $4.99.

Photo by Imaginale Design Modeling, hair and makeup by SN Makeup Styling by AVE Styles Floral crown from Mignone Handmade