Style Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! I love new beginnings! I'm sure you may have made some new year's resolutions already, but I doubt any of them are about fashion.

So, being the goal junky that I am, I have made a list of some style resolutions for you. Trust me, they're on my list too! =)

I know that budgets are usually a lot tighter post-holiday extravaganza, but these goals are simple,easy, and work with things you already own. Heck, they may even save you money in the long run!

1. BLACKEST BLACK - As I write this post I'm wearing a black sweater that is faded. It's one of my favorite sweaters. I've worn it into the ground, and I really don't want to part with it anytime soon. What I really need to do is have it re-dyed. Did you know that you can do that? Yep! You can go to most local tailors and have your clothes dyed OR you can do it yourself with RIT. You can buy it at your local Walmart. So, why ever wear faded black!? I mean, you would have bought the top in gray if you wanted to wear faded black, right?

2. NO PILLS - I'm not talking the kind you take with water. I'm talking about those little tiny bumps that show up on your cashmere sweaters and cotton blend tops. I've gone through way too many closets and found infestations of these little guys. Your clothes could look BRAND new if you just bought a little sweater shaver. You can get one on for $2.99.

3. PERFECT FIT - Do you know that it only costs $20 or under to have your pants taken in or hemmed by a local tailor? Same with your skirts! I know that I'm guilty of wearing ill-fitting clothes because I was too lazy to get my butt to the tailor. Create more outfit options with some tailoring, and maybe it'll cure your itch to buy more new clothes in the coming months!

4. ONE YEAR DITCH - This is a resolution that applies to everyone. I KNOW for a fact there are clothes sitting in your closet that haven't been worn in a year. I'm not talking about the bridesmaid dress that you'll never wear again. I'm talking about that blouse that is missing a button or that sweater that has a stain on the arm. If you're not going to get it fixed or if the piece of clothing hasn't fit you for a year, you need to give it up. Take it to a consignment shop and get some money for it OR donate it. It's not going to do any good to just keep it on a hanger.

5. BE POLISHED - I wear shoes into the ground because it's rare for me to find shoes that always fit me perfectly. That being said, my shoes would probably have a longer life span than a year if I just took the time to polish them. I'm sure there are many similar cases out there. So, let's vow to save some shoes and money by doing some polishing!

I don't know how many of these style resolutions you're going to try to do, but I'm going for all of them.

So, raise your mouse/ipad/index finger and promise along with me to make 2012 the most stylish year yet!