Summer Clutch

Random fact: I have not purchased one single handbag in 10 years. Yep! You might be thinking, "How is that possible, especially being a stylist?" I guess I'm just not that girl that gets obsessed over shoes and handbags. I have big feet and I'm too lazy to always change purses. BUT one type of "handbag" I don't own yet is an over sized clutch. I love how they are big enough to hold your cell phone, wallet, keys and makeup, but not bulky enough to wear your shoulder out. Plus, they transition well from day to night.

So, here are some of my top picks for summer clutches:

1. BCBG Harlow Laser Cut Clutch - I love this clutch because it embodies the summer trend of white lace. It's something that you can wear with a sun dress, cocktail dress or even jeans. It retails at $128, but if that's too steep for you, try the BCBG Harlow Clutch in gold for only $51.00.

2. Metallic Linen Clutch - Linen is obviously a summer fabric. With the addition of a metallic sheen and a tassel, this over sized clutch screams summer trendsetter. Just like bag #1, this clutch would go with everything, but is perfect for someone who likes things a bit less feminine. $72.00

3. Black and white stripes - This Kate Spade bag is timeless and memorable. It's a bit pricey retailing at $268, but if you really want to invest in a show stopper this is a good choice.

4. Blush envelope clutch - Blush is still popular, and will remain as a neutral in a woman's color palette. Pastel colors in general had a huge breakout this year, so you can count on them remaining in 2013. This clutch is only $32.50, so why not invest in a hot trend at such a low price?!

5. Glitter clutch - Who doesn't love a good pop of glitter? Add it to your t-shirt and jeans ensemble for a wow factor or make it the icing on the cake with your New Year's outfit. Not to mention gold is here to stay. So, while you may have already stocked up on plenty of silver glittery things, you might want to make room for golden hues too.