I am finally catching on some summer reading thanks to the best app discovery around, Texture. I have partnered with Texture to share this new life hack with you, and you really are gonna have your mind blown...Ready?...

What if every single magazine you subscribed to could be in one app, and you would only have to pay $9.99 for all of them? I don't know about you, but I have stacks of magazines all around my home that have gone unread for months. That's wasted money in my opinion, but I always tell myself I'm going to get around to reading them so I keep my subscriptions. The problem isn't because I don't have time to read them, it's because I spend my time on my iPad and scrolling through Instagram, blogs and Pinterest instead. However, I'm still missing out on my what the fashion authorities from Vogue are talking about or the latest beauty trends are from Allure.

Enter Texture - a game changing app that has all of my favorite magazines in one place on my iPad. Every magazine that you see on a news stand is on Texture and you can access them all for only $9.99/month. 

My favorite feature is that you can download these magazines so that you don't need to use WIFI to read them. It's the perfect travel companion on a long flight. No more shopping at airport news stands! You better believe I'll be doing this next week when I go to Atlanta. Plus, being paperless helps the environment. So, go try it and thank me later! GAME CHANGER!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer