Sweatpants Days

Yesterday was a, "I wish I could wear sweatpants to work," day. My body was feeling perfectly fine, but it was a day where I felt even my go-to outfits didn't look great and I didn't feel comfortable in them. Plus, it was freezing outside and in my office. I tell you this because society tends to think that celebrities have it all together all the time because they always appear flawless and have abs, but I'm POSITIVE they have sweatpants days even though their closets are filled to the brim. And I'm not talking about fashion sweapants like below...I'm talking no makeup, hair in a bun sweatpants days. And I HAVE those even though I'm a stylist and have some good clothes in my closet.

So, in case you're doing the dangerous comparison game that most of us stupidly play and no one EVER wins, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has sweatpants days. Even guys who say they don't care how they look. Granted, they might be ones that wear sweatpants every day, but I suppose that just drives my point home even further. Wear your sweatpants and take comfort in the soft, warm cotton as well as knowing that there are plenty of people that wish they could look just like you right now. =)