944 Fashion Trailblazer

Something you should know about me is that I'm INCREDIBLY critical of myself and my work. I rarely take time to celebrate, and instead plow through to the next thing pushing myself to be better than before. BUT...TODAY...I'm taking a moment to stop and celebrate because 944, an awesome fashion, entertainment and night life magazine, included me in their picks issue.

AHHHHHHHH! (pause.) EEEEEK! (pause.) **HAPPY DANCE**

They have given me the title of "fashion trailblazer" and picked me as one to watch - words that I'm incredibly honored to be associated with. They mistakenly mentioned I'm a photographer. I would love to add that to the list of things I do, but I'm just going to stick to the styling part. =) Click here to check out the mini article or you can pick up a hard copy of 944 at one of their several locations. Click here to read the latest issue.