Assisted Styling for Arizona Foothills Magazine

Arizona Foothills Magazine is one of the few fashion magazines in Phoenix, Arizona, and I was recently invited to assist Diane Aiello, an amazing local stylist, for the December cover shoot.

It feels great to see my name in print, but what is SO much more valuable to me is having the opportunity to see how a cover shoot is put together and ALL of the effort that is put into it. There was a team of about 15 people (including models) the day of the shoot that made this happen.

Just on the styling side alone it was a team of three us. Me and the other assistant, Christine, were busy all day setting up, prepping all of the clothing, helping with fitting, doing quick hemming of pants, fixing the clothing for every frame taken...It was a 13 hour day, and it was all worth it. It was especially great to work alongside someone that I really look up to and who has paved the way for local fashion stylists in Phoenix.

If you EVER get the opportunity to assist seasoned professionals TAKE IT! Relationships are SO important in the arts, and you can always learn something!

And the next time you open up a magazine and flip through a fashion spread, just think about the lighting techs, the photographer, the stylist, the hair and makeup artists, the assistants and the models that all played a role in making those five perfect images.