A Conversation with Edith Head

Like many young girls, I gave Academy Award acceptance speeches in the mirror a thousand times over, and I even dreamed of winning in the category of costume design. So, naturally I've looked up to the one of the most notable costume designers that has ever lived, Edith Head, for a long time.

She was a woman that started her career in the fashion and costume industry later in life after pursuing a career in teaching, and is the MOST decorated costume designer AND most decorated WOMAN in the history of the Academy Awards with EIGHT Oscars to her name! Eat your heart out Meryl Streep!

Edith Head started as a fashion illustrator in Hollywood, and was also one of the ONLY working women in the film industry that wasn't an actress. Heck, she started working soon after women were awarded the right to vote! Then she slowly climbed her way to the top, and dressed such memorable women as Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis and Grace Kelly.

So, when I was given the opportunity to go see A Conversation with Edith Head produced by Actors Theatre of Phoenix I was SOOO excited! I was able to enjoy the show with my mom and Ryan. We had a spectacular time learning more about this amazing woman's life, as well as seeing the amazing actress Susan Claassen carry an entire 90 minute show herself!

I was thoroughly impressed by Claassen's stamina, energy and transformation into Edith Head. The show was just as interactive with the audience as it was educational.

If you're a woman the loves the theater, fashion and enjoys hearing about women that have gone before you to pay the way to dream big, then you NEED to go see this show! It's playing at the Herberger Theater until October 2, 2011.