Alice in Wonderland Family Portraits

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly...I got to help a family create a lifestyle family portrait session photographed by good friends, Session Nine Photography, centered around this family's favorite story, Alice in Wonderland. SOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!

You may recognize Christine Valero from a disco styled shoot I did a while back. I mean, how can you forget her awesome red hair?! Christine is a hoot! This girl is a fireball of energy and joy. I LOVE being around her. Her family is just as awesome, even their ridiculously strong, fluffy dog Delilah.

The Valero family drove all of the way up to the Westfork Trail in Sedona, Arizona to have their magical dreams come alive. I would definitely say it was WELL worth the drive. We got to use a run down apple orchard that had old stone and brick. Of course, the green ferns and grass were just as perfect to create the setting.

Christine didn't want the clothing to be the exact costumes of Alice in Wonderland, so we took what we could find in closets and created the Queen of Hearts (Christine), the Mad Hatter (Steve), Alice (Paris), Tweedle Dee (Valen) and the White Rabbit (Delilah the dog).

Christine also had great props such as vintage chairs, glass apothecary bottles, keys, mushrooms and the story of Alice In Wonderland, of course.

I mentioned this in the 40's style engagement shoot I posted about yesterday, but I LOVE working with clients that aren't afraid to think outside of the box and express what they enjoy. This shoot was not only fun to create, but the family REALLY enjoyed themselves. It was awesome to watch them bond during something that can often times be wild and nuts. Sure, there were some crazy moments - most can be attributed to Delilah the strongest dog in the world - but I don't think many families get to be creative in mall photo studios.

If you could have a creative family portrait session, what theme would you center it around?

I think Ryan and I would do something about being nerds. We both consider ourselves to be nerdy. We have glasses and geek out on our computers every night.

Make sure to check out more photos from the family portrait session on Session Nine Photography's blog!