Fall is such a wonderful time of year. From the turning leaves and chilly temps, to the good food and even better company--what's not to love? Unlike other holidays (looking at you, Christmas) Thanksgiving is super easy to decorate for. All it takes is a few simple fall accents to make your home Thanksgiving ready. In fact, you can even recycle your Halloween pumpkins while doing it!

Here's how to make a gorgeous centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table using a pumpkin and some fresh mums:


If you have an un-carved pumpkin leftover from Halloween, now's the time to give it new life. If not, head to the supermarket or your local farmer's market and pick up a medium sized pumpkin. While you're there, look for some mums or your favorite flower in autumn tones. Cut these down so the stems are about 2-3 inches long. 


Next, all you'll need is a skewer or other sharp pointy object. Use this to poke holes in a ring around the stem on the upper 1/3 of the pumpkin. Doing so flower by flower will allow you to better space the flowers and ensure that you've got full coverage. Keep adding flowers until you achieve a full, luscious look.


How easy was that? The great thing about this arrangement is that it will last. Since the holes in the pumpkin are so small, the pumpkin will not rot with the same speed of a carved pumpkin. Make this arrangement a few weeks before Thanksgiving using fake flowers so you can enjoy it's beauty all the way up to the big day. If you want to use fresh flowers take three minutes out of your busy cooking schedule and pop the flowers into your pumpkin. SO EASY!