Jayna Jordan

I'd like to introduce all of you to a rising star, Miss Jayna Jordan.

This beautiful high school gal can act, play the guitar AND sing!

You can spot her showing off her acting chops in the popular Disney TV movie Lemonade Mouth.

With the teamwork of Session Nine Photography, myself and Jayna, we came up with a photo shoot concept that shows off her romantic, whimsy, bohemian personality.

Jayna is a bookworm and an old soul at heart. At home she surrounds herself with good reads, her journals and pens to write her poetry, lyrics and thoughts. So, we created a scene with books, papers and sunlight inside of a historic house in downtown Phoenix.

She's a coffee lover, so of course, we had to throw in a coffee mug.

We kept Jayna's hair and makeup very simple, and chose natural, bohemian clothing to keep a soft, feminine and approachable presence. Jayna always sings with bare feet, so we avoided shoes for most of the shoot.

Side note: If you're planning a portrait or family photo session, really take the time to come up with a story or setting that suits your family. It is SO much fun to create something you would find in a movie or magazine, AND it helps communicate your personality further.

We also photographed Jayna outside a downtown Phoenix coffee shop called Lola. It's my all time favorite cafe to hang out in, and was perfect for the shoot.

I hope you love the photos, and go check out Jayna's pipes. Click here to listen.